I’m not out to ruin the NFL’s business.

The Vikings have been working on their ground game, it seems, over the past few weeks, and may utilize some different looks that were not used in the week one contest. Cook rushed for 127 yards against the Saints in Week 1, with another 10 receiving yards. That is roughly what the level of production the combination of Murray and McKinnon has achieved since the bye week.

I think back in American history to Native Americans touring the east coast to bring awareness to their loss of land and dying tribes, and the many, many other movements of social change in this country. The progress has been slow. My passive act of protest is the least I can do to support Mr. Kaepernick. His sacrifice to spark a movement was career ending.

It was a hard decision for me to stop watching because I was raised a 49ers fans and a lot of bonding between my male friends revolves around football and that’s what brings us together as friends. I still read some articles about the NFL, it helps as my coping mechanism.

I’m just one person who is choosing something else. I’m now watching more of the NHL, and spending Sundays with my kids. In our house the Steelers were 1A and the Penguins were 1B. Now, the Steelers have dropped way down and we are Pens fans in our house. Last year we went to a Stanley Cup finals game, and another game in the playoffs. The money that we used to spend on the NFL we are spending on the NHL.

Alright, I’m exaggerating. But the truth is the up-downs—a required part of new coach Doug Marrone’s program in Jacksonville—were a micro piece of a macro camp theme to get tougher and more physical. That’s exactly what the Jaguars were last Sunday.

They blew up the Texans offense for a staggering 10 sacks, and rushed for 155 yards on 39 carries. Blake Bortles threw it just 21 times. Which is pretty much how Marrone and vice president Tom Coughlin drew it up when that whistle blew and all those professional football players had to hit the deck and pop back up like they were 14 again.

But Blake Bortles hit fullback Tommy Bohanon with a 14-yard touchdown with 4:19 to play, making it a two-score game again. Even at home, that was a tall order for the Steelers. Roethlisberger responded with a spectacular play that started as a rush and turned into a backward pass to Le’Veon Bell, who ran it in 8 yards for a score to pull within seven points of the Jaguars again.nationals_028

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