The most notable names on this year’s ballot are, indeed, the first-time candidates.

“I went in there and hit a hard line drive to centerfield. I hit the next pitch and a couple of other good ones, and then they were like, O.K., he can hit live pitching.”

After a few days, and with Pedrique’s blessing, the Astros signed Altuve. Omar Lopez, the manager of their Venezuelan summer-league team, told José he would like to speak with his mother and father to negotiate a signing bonus.

“Signing bonus?” Altuve said. “Just give me a contract. I’ll sign for free.”

Connor Grossman: The Giants have already shown in the Stanton and Ohtani sweepstakes that they’re serious about flipping last season’s disaster upside down. That doesn’t mean a rebuild, but more so a willingness to part with familiar faces to sure up weaknesses like center field or an overall power-starved lineup. Outside of the outfield, San Francisco has holes to address at third base and in the bullpen.

General manager Bobby Evans seems willing to explore adventurous deals, which is a bit of a departure from past Giant teams that have re-signed their proven players. If Stanton doesn’t pan out, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Giants shifted gears toward Andrew McCutchen.?

Ray Lewis is a lock to be inducted on his first year after leading the Baltimore Ravens to two Super Bowl titles. Brian Urlacher is another linebacker who has a strong chance of getting in this year, being a rock in the middle of the Chicago Bears’ defense for many years.

The Chiefs didn’t just lose this game. The Chiefs blew a 21-3 lead, allowing 19 unanswered points in the second half.

Andy Reid was mad about the officiating, including a questionable call on a sack-fumble on Marcus Mariota changed the flow of the game. But Kansas City also had its chances to win. The Chiefs went for it on fourth-and-9 just before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. Albert Wilson couldn’t come up with a catch to keep the Chiefs’ drive alive.

Hope sparked once more when it looked like a Derrick Henry fumble was recovered by Derrick Johnson, who ran it back for what could have been a game-winning touchdown.

It looked like the Chiefs’ playoff curse was going to be lifted and they’d have their first home postseason win in 23 years. So those fans were left devastated in Arrowhead once again when officials ruled that Henry was down by contact. The Titans kept the ball and ran out the clock to hand the Chiefs a crushing defeat.bears_004-223x223

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