Another star running back appeared to be banged up as well: Buffalo running back LeSean McCoy.

The New England Patriots and cornerback Malcolm Butler, the hero of Super Bowl XLIX, may be headed for a divorce. Butler, playing for $3.9 million this season and a free agent next summer, wants a new contract. Eric Rowe started over Butler in Sunday’s 36-20 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Butler ended up playing more than Rowe, 49 snaps to 34, but the starting snub led to speculation about a possible trade.

The Patriots could use Butler to add to their capital a year after sending a first-rounder to New Orleans for Brandin Cooks. They could also use help with their pass rush and at receiver following a spate of injuries.

“It’s all about this year,” defensive coordinator Matt Patricia said about Butler and Rowe, per the Boston Herald. “I think what things have gone down in the past doesn’t really matter to us. We’re trying to get better for this year, and the guys that are out there and positions are where we think they need to be right now currently, and to help us win that particular week.

As for a veteran, the Redskins would likely pursue 33-year-old Alex Smith if he parts with Kansas City, or one of Minnesota’s triumvirate. All three Vikings quarterbacks — Case Keenum, Sam Bradford (another former Heisman winner) and Teddy Bridgewater — are pending free agents.

Perhaps the biggest injury news of the day relates to Cardinals star running back David Johnson, who left Arizona’s 35-23 loss to Detroit with a wrist injury. X-rays were negative, according to Pro Football Talk, but Johnson will have an MRI exam on Monday. Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN report that the MRI will determine whether Johnson will miss “a few weeks” or “half the season” with his sprained wrist.

However, it proved to be a false alarm, as McCoy was cleared to return following his wrist injury.

Fournette vs. McCaffrey … The Panthers have an interesting choice to make if they stay put at No. 8 and both Fournette and McCaffrey are available. At that point, it would be all about what style of offense Carolina wants to play with its new featured tailback, according to former NFL coach Jon Gruden.


The 3-point king is having by far the best season of his career inside the arc, ranking eighth in the league in 2-point field goal percentage.

The seven players ahead of him on average stand 6-foot-10 (LeBron James the shortest among them at 6-8).

Curry’s ability to finish among the trees isn’t simply significant within the context of this season either. Entering 2017-18, there have been 63 instances of a player making at least 60 percent of his 2s. Every one of them was done by a player standing at least 6-5, which gives the 6-3 Curry a shot at finishing with the best 2-point field goal percentage ever by a player of his stature (shoutout to 6-3 Brad Davis for making 59.5 percent in 1982-83 on 7.4 attempts per game).

“I was thinking about having (Puddicombe) try to focus on some sort of relaxing mechanism while you step up to the line, but we haven’t brought in anyone (experts) yet. … Meditation is very hard. We’re gonna keep doing it in hopes that some of the young guys can pick it up and get into it.”

Walton is hoping the next appointment with Puddicombe in February, after a grueling five-game road trip, will help the team somehow with its awful foul shooting.

“We tend to only struggle in our minds when we are either thinking back and going over and over on things we aren’t happy with or when we are thinking forward kind of either worried of how things will turn out or hoping they will turn out a certain way,” Puddicombe said of the outside pressures younger athletes can face and the short attention span that this multitasking generation can have impacting their performance.

Tagovailoa’s surging performance, from Alabama’s 13-0 deficit to its 26-23 overtime win, “validated that this really not a fluke, it’s not an anomaly.”

National quarterbacking stardom from Saint Louis School: routine!

The school sits up on Kalaepohaku, which Medeiros called “a large hill or a mountain, one of the two” — this week, surely a mountain — and which Mariota mentioned in his Heisman speech with, “To the men of Kalaepohaku, and the Saint Louis brotherhood, thank you for teaching me to be always mindful and faithful.”

It hatched in 1846, overseen by Marianist Catholics. Its first 10 years of teaching came in the native Hawaiian language. It has 880 students, K-through-12. It’s 53 percent native Hawaiian, Medeiros said, plus other Polynesian students. It’s on its third campus, built of adobe in 1926. It shares its mountain with Chaminade University. Its students graduate in white tuxedos. jaguars_019

After you clean out your locker, you have the team exit meeting.

These can be interesting. Win or lose, the head coach will thank you for your effort and all the hours you’ve put in. If the coach will be back, he might give you a short preview of the schedule in April when you return. You will get an offseason workout packet from the strength coach.

Shot Misses the Net.It should have never, ever gone to air.As a Danielson fan, I jumped on the Browns bandwagon 85, then he got hurt and Kosar had to start against the Dolphins the playoffs.orivar says: Mar 3 6 PM Nothing wrong with that.There would be two returns at forward.

He went to Triple-A at the end because of a roster-construction issue, but has swung the bat well since coming back from his first trip to Triple-A on July 20.But you have to have a core and we really haven’t.said one thing he liked about Instagram was keeping up with what his teammates and friends are doing.You live and you learn.

To get to the AFC Championship, the Bills would have to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road on Sunday and the New England Patriots on the road six days later.

The upstart Jaguars ended a playoff drought of their own. They won the AFC South for the first time since the division was created and reached the postseason for the first time in 10 years. While Blake Bortles’ propensity for turnovers makes it hard to trust Jacksonville entirely, the team is led by an elite defense and leans heavily on Leonard Fournette on offense.

Pull off the upset in Jacksonville and the Bills will have to win in Gillette Stadium three weeks after losing to the Patriots there, 37-16.

It’s no wonder the Bills are 75-to-1 underdogs to win the Super Bowl in a 12-team field.

This either become a good player or he’ll leave 4.Now with Sims back, he provides depth and productivity the two tight end alignments.He’s a great -term answer at LDE, except that is more explosive when he decides to show up.

Sometimes these generous contracts backfire, leaving schools holding the bag for massive buyouts. It would cost Clemson a whopping $40 million to get rid of Dabo Swinney. A&M had to shell out $10.4 million to former head coach Kevin Sumlin to even have the privilege of giving Fisher that salary. Even Bret Bielema, who was fired after a 4-8 season with the Razorbacks, had a $15 million buyout despite going 29-34 over five seasons in Arkansas.

Finished with five punts for 44-yard average at Outback Bowl.Brayton returned from being Zombie- Brayton that we saw at the opening rounds.had to be talked out of firing Girardi immediately after the game.The move is part of a larger pattern which Democrats have tried to tie the popular governor firmly to Trump, who won the Electoral College and the presidency but was trounced during the November election.Quintana threw 63 pitches for Colombia during a start which he one-hit USA for 5 3 innings on Friday.

Mike Tomlin played his cards correctly down the stretch, despite what many might think.

The team is coming off a big Wild Card Round win over the up-and-coming Los Angeles Rams — who couldn’t come up with their first playoff win since the 2004 season. The Falcons’ defense was able to limit Rams quarterback Jared Goff to 259 yards passing and just one touchdown. By creating turnovers and limiting their own on offense, the Falcons were able to control the clock and finish the day with a 26-13 win.

It’s not hard to suspect that the underdogs heading into this matchup would have been the Falcons if Wentz was still starting at QB, but that isn’t the case. With Foles once again taking over in Philadelphia, its offense isn’t nearly as dominant, but with a solid supporting cast, the Eagles still win their first playoff game under Pederson. Only two SB Nation experts agree, with six expecting the Falcons to get a big win on the road.

In an arrangement with the Players Coalition, a group led in part by Jenkins, the NFL recently pledged to donate nearly $89 million over seven years to projects central to Stills and Jenkins’ focuses—criminal justice reform, law enforcement, community relations and education. The pledge represents the largest amount the NFL would spend on a social cause—more than the Salute to Service and Breast Cancer Awareness/Crucial Catch platforms.

“It’s not a surprise, because when you look at building a multi-billion dollar stadium in Las Vegas, and sure. It just would be very smart to play off of this as kind of a one-off, I would think, in the pros,” Carfagna said. “Because it’s like Gruden coming home … and now a sweet homecoming for [Al Davis’] son Mark to say, ‘Viva Las Vegas. Let’s gamble it all.’”

Resting Roethlisberger, Maurkice Pouncey, David DeCastro, [Cam] Heyward and Bell ensured the core nucleus of the team will not just be present, but will be healthy. Again, something the team hasn’t done in the past.

I just happen to be playing more nose now, but we cross train along the front and I play both positions.mid-October, a -Pioneer Press story said Heinicke had looked good while working out with the scout team.Even though there is a commission rate involved, we feel that they give us the best to make the most money on Tower 2.It’s a nice place to be.Billia turned away 16-of-18 shots for the Sagueneens .

The most notable names on this year’s ballot are, indeed, the first-time candidates.

“I went in there and hit a hard line drive to centerfield. I hit the next pitch and a couple of other good ones, and then they were like, O.K., he can hit live pitching.”

After a few days, and with Pedrique’s blessing, the Astros signed Altuve. Omar Lopez, the manager of their Venezuelan summer-league team, told José he would like to speak with his mother and father to negotiate a signing bonus.

“Signing bonus?” Altuve said. “Just give me a contract. I’ll sign for free.”

Connor Grossman: The Giants have already shown in the Stanton and Ohtani sweepstakes that they’re serious about flipping last season’s disaster upside down. That doesn’t mean a rebuild, but more so a willingness to part with familiar faces to sure up weaknesses like center field or an overall power-starved lineup. Outside of the outfield, San Francisco has holes to address at third base and in the bullpen.

General manager Bobby Evans seems willing to explore adventurous deals, which is a bit of a departure from past Giant teams that have re-signed their proven players. If Stanton doesn’t pan out, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Giants shifted gears toward Andrew McCutchen.?

Ray Lewis is a lock to be inducted on his first year after leading the Baltimore Ravens to two Super Bowl titles. Brian Urlacher is another linebacker who has a strong chance of getting in this year, being a rock in the middle of the Chicago Bears’ defense for many years.

The Chiefs didn’t just lose this game. The Chiefs blew a 21-3 lead, allowing 19 unanswered points in the second half.

Andy Reid was mad about the officiating, including a questionable call on a sack-fumble on Marcus Mariota changed the flow of the game. But Kansas City also had its chances to win. The Chiefs went for it on fourth-and-9 just before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. Albert Wilson couldn’t come up with a catch to keep the Chiefs’ drive alive.

Hope sparked once more when it looked like a Derrick Henry fumble was recovered by Derrick Johnson, who ran it back for what could have been a game-winning touchdown.

It looked like the Chiefs’ playoff curse was going to be lifted and they’d have their first home postseason win in 23 years. So those fans were left devastated in Arrowhead once again when officials ruled that Henry was down by contact. The Titans kept the ball and ran out the clock to hand the Chiefs a crushing defeat.bears_004-223x223

I’m not out to ruin the NFL’s business.

The Vikings have been working on their ground game, it seems, over the past few weeks, and may utilize some different looks that were not used in the week one contest. Cook rushed for 127 yards against the Saints in Week 1, with another 10 receiving yards. That is roughly what the level of production the combination of Murray and McKinnon has achieved since the bye week.

I think back in American history to Native Americans touring the east coast to bring awareness to their loss of land and dying tribes, and the many, many other movements of social change in this country. The progress has been slow. My passive act of protest is the least I can do to support Mr. Kaepernick. His sacrifice to spark a movement was career ending.

It was a hard decision for me to stop watching because I was raised a 49ers fans and a lot of bonding between my male friends revolves around football and that’s what brings us together as friends. I still read some articles about the NFL, it helps as my coping mechanism.

I’m just one person who is choosing something else. I’m now watching more of the NHL, and spending Sundays with my kids. In our house the Steelers were 1A and the Penguins were 1B. Now, the Steelers have dropped way down and we are Pens fans in our house. Last year we went to a Stanley Cup finals game, and another game in the playoffs. The money that we used to spend on the NFL we are spending on the NHL.

Alright, I’m exaggerating. But the truth is the up-downs—a required part of new coach Doug Marrone’s program in Jacksonville—were a micro piece of a macro camp theme to get tougher and more physical. That’s exactly what the Jaguars were last Sunday.

They blew up the Texans offense for a staggering 10 sacks, and rushed for 155 yards on 39 carries. Blake Bortles threw it just 21 times. Which is pretty much how Marrone and vice president Tom Coughlin drew it up when that whistle blew and all those professional football players had to hit the deck and pop back up like they were 14 again.

But Blake Bortles hit fullback Tommy Bohanon with a 14-yard touchdown with 4:19 to play, making it a two-score game again. Even at home, that was a tall order for the Steelers. Roethlisberger responded with a spectacular play that started as a rush and turned into a backward pass to Le’Veon Bell, who ran it in 8 yards for a score to pull within seven points of the Jaguars again.nationals_028