There were more post-Super Bowl arrests in New England than Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Super Bowl celebrations were lively, fun, sometimes life-endangering, and had poop-eating — but when it comes to actual, legitimate violence it was New England that had the City of Brotherly Love beat.

In the aftermath of Super Bowl 52 there were four recorded arrests in Philadelphia following celebrations, all of which for vandalism. That number is expected to grow, but considering the size of crowds in Philadelphia it’s largely to be expected.

This kind of violence happens after major events, and no city is safe from people acting like idiots, but maybe remember this story the next time you assume Philadelphia is the most violent sports town in America.

Of course there was also Deflategate. Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson picked off Brady during the AFC Championship game in 2015, and noticed a difference in the air pressure of the football. He took the ball to the Colts’ equipment manager, and it went up the chain of command and back to the NFL. Tom Brady would be suspended four games as a result of it.

After McDaniels rescinded his acceptance to coach the Colts, reasons started flying as to why. One of them appears to have to do with revenge on Deflategate:

Kraft reportedly “sweetened” up McDaniels’ deal to keep him, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

In the past 48 hours, Patriots owner Robert Kraft began talking with McDaniels and ultimately wound up sweetening his contract, helping to entice McDaniels, who had yet to sign a contract with the Colts, to remain in New England, a source said.

Lillard cooled off from his previous three games, when he shot 42 for 76 and scored more than 44 points a game. But he worked numerous screens and had the Jazz defenders chasing the ball and opening opportunities for the other Blazers.

Jusuf Nurkic scored 15 points and Al-Farouq Aminu had 12 for the Blazers, who are now tied for sixth place in the Western Conference and just one-and-a-half games out of third place.jays_064_edc8c996baba26b0-180x180

Here’s the short list of candidates to host NFL Draft in 2019, ’20

The NFL has narrowed to five the list of markets in the running to host the league’s drafts in 2019 and 2020.

Cleveland/Canton, Kansas City, Tennessee, Denver and Las Vegas are the final candidates to host those events. There will be one location chosen for each year, with the winners to be announced at the league’s spring meeting in May, noted.

Coughlin, who coached the Jags from 1995-2002, just wrapped up his first year as a team executive and will have his GM and head coach through at least the 2021 season.

Nevertheless, it carries every ESPN channel and RedZone is available on a sports tier. There are also a ton of premium options for users who don’t mind paying the extra money.

Bobby Portis scored 38 points off the bench and former Minnesota guard Zach LaVine — who came over in the trade for Butler — scored 23. Nwaba added 21 points

“It’s always hard losing those hard-fought games, but at the same time we played well as a team,” Portis told the team’s website. “Very heartbreaking, us going out there, busting our tail from start to finish, coming back from a (18-point first-quarter) deficit, having a chance to win, being up five. We have to come back together, watch film and learn from our mistakes.”

The performance was a quick validation for the changes.

“As I talked to our guys about, we’re not talking wins and losses,” Hoiberg told the team’s website. “We’re talking about going out and competing and playing hard and this gives us another opportunity to learn. If we go out with the fighting spirit, we’re going to be in games; we’re going to have a chance.”

Manziel, they said, completed all the terms of a plea agreement from a year earlier, including taking anger-management courses. It’s still possible that the NFL could discipline him for the domestic-violence charge should he join an NFL team. bears_122-223x223

This time around, Team LeBron sealed the victory with a ferocious defensive stop.

For the first time ever, women will have the chance to test their skills in snowboarding’s most exciting event at the Winter Olympics. The big air event will unleash the craziest jumps the games have ever seen, and one woman’s march toward history begins with the qualifying round Sunday night.

The 2018 Games mark the Olympic premiere of the big air event for both men and women, though the discipline had been largely limited to the male side until only recently. The event, as its name implies, packs together massive ramps and challenges snowboarders to unleash their biggest tricks as they hurtle through the air. Though the men’s event has been an FIS world championship staple since 2003, women didn’t have their own event until 2015. On Sunday, these elite athletes can prove they’re equal regardless of gender with some explosive runs in Pyeongchang.

I love how all snowboard events [big air, slopestyle, halfpipe, snowboard cross, slalom] are the same, and on the same courses, for women and for men, Marino told I guess big air was the last, so it’s great that it shows that the trend is … picking up momentum for equality and equal representation.

And boy did it work. A competitive game down the stretch ended with a furious Team LeBron comeback and a 148-145 victory. This play — a real play designed out of a timeout — gave Team LeBron a lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

Previous years felt dull, and the common complaint was that a lack of defense made the game unwatchable. There’s merit to that. The 2017 All-Star Game saw a record in points scored with 274 combined. The MVP, Anthony Davis, scored half of his 52 points on uncontested dunks.

Last March, Commissioner Adam Silver vowed to change the format, after Chris Paul (the president of the NBA Players Association) texted him saying we need to fix this. Silver noted that Paul suggested that they use team captains, and that’s what’s in place this All-Star weekend.

It’s a shame Paul didn’t get a chance to participate in the new format he initiated.

This season will mark the 60th anniversary of Iowa’s only claimed title.

The program is in the top 25 in attendance and revenue and is just outside the top 25 in winning percentage since hiring Hayden Fry in 1979. The Fry-Ferentz era has produced seven top-10 finishes, but only misery in Pasadena. Forget a championship; just imagine the celebrations if Iowa won a Rose Bowl.

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora expressed concern that changing signs between a pitcher and catcher without a mound visit can result in a safety issue.

I understand we want to speed up the game. I get it. We don’t want as much dead time during the game, Cora said. But that’s one that’s an interesting one because we know what’s going on around the league. Everyone is working hard from second base to take an advantage. … Teams are very aware of switching signs and everything that is going on, and there’s a lot of cross-up.

At safety, stalwart A.J. Howard is gone, but junior Desmond Franklin (2.5 TFLs, six passes defensed) returns, and top backups Austin Exford and Josh Thomas are seasoned.

Woody used his defensive backs aggressively. App State ranked No. 23 in defensive back havoc rate, and 40.3 percent of opponents’ incompletions were because of either an INT or breakup (No. 13). Three DBs took part in at least two run stuffs each, and Franklin took part in six of them. If Brown proves worthy of his promotion, this should again be a top-40 defense.

MLB has the right to make playing rules changes absent an agreement with one-year notice, and it made proposals during the 2016-17 offseason for a pitch clock and more restrictions on mound visits.

I’m about to get a quick demonstration for myself, and I have a little trepidation about the experience, being a Luddite who is generally allergic to new tech.

So I ask Davis what it’s like to exist in your own world that’s actually controlled by someone else. Virtual reality is like … reality, he says laughing.

After a brief period of adjustment with the headset, I’m able to focus on the Verizon rep in front of me. We exchange high fives and the whole experience becomes exceptionally normal a lot faster than I imagined.bears_018

Another star running back appeared to be banged up as well: Buffalo running back LeSean McCoy.

The New England Patriots and cornerback Malcolm Butler, the hero of Super Bowl XLIX, may be headed for a divorce. Butler, playing for $3.9 million this season and a free agent next summer, wants a new contract. Eric Rowe started over Butler in Sunday’s 36-20 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Butler ended up playing more than Rowe, 49 snaps to 34, but the starting snub led to speculation about a possible trade.

The Patriots could use Butler to add to their capital a year after sending a first-rounder to New Orleans for Brandin Cooks. They could also use help with their pass rush and at receiver following a spate of injuries.

“It’s all about this year,” defensive coordinator Matt Patricia said about Butler and Rowe, per the Boston Herald. “I think what things have gone down in the past doesn’t really matter to us. We’re trying to get better for this year, and the guys that are out there and positions are where we think they need to be right now currently, and to help us win that particular week.

As for a veteran, the Redskins would likely pursue 33-year-old Alex Smith if he parts with Kansas City, or one of Minnesota’s triumvirate. All three Vikings quarterbacks — Case Keenum, Sam Bradford (another former Heisman winner) and Teddy Bridgewater — are pending free agents.

Perhaps the biggest injury news of the day relates to Cardinals star running back David Johnson, who left Arizona’s 35-23 loss to Detroit with a wrist injury. X-rays were negative, according to Pro Football Talk, but Johnson will have an MRI exam on Monday. Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN report that the MRI will determine whether Johnson will miss “a few weeks” or “half the season” with his sprained wrist.

However, it proved to be a false alarm, as McCoy was cleared to return following his wrist injury.

Fournette vs. McCaffrey … The Panthers have an interesting choice to make if they stay put at No. 8 and both Fournette and McCaffrey are available. At that point, it would be all about what style of offense Carolina wants to play with its new featured tailback, according to former NFL coach Jon Gruden.


Losses to the Cardinals and 49ers are unforgivable for a team that should be making a late-season playoff push.

“One of the things that is important to point out about this that may not be evident and does not necessarily show up on our protocol sheet, is once a player gets a sideline evaluation, that is not the end of their contact with the medical staff,” Sills said. “Let’s say that a player comes off, gets the sideline evaluation and clears that, they pass that evaluation and are cleared to go back in and play.

Instead of there being hope for a deep playoff run, the lopsided defeat to the Rams produced speculation that a teardown of the roster could be in store. Would Coach Pete Carroll stay around for a rebuilding project around QB Russell Wilson and LB Bobby Wagner? The narrative certainly can change quickly in the NFL, can’t it?

The Titans no longer are deserving of a spot in the postseason. They have played their way out.

The future is bright with Jimmy Garoppolo at QB. The three straight wins with Garoppolo as the starter have raised expectations for next season. It always seemed like a near certainty that the Niners would franchise-tag Garoppolo this offseason if they couldn’t re-sign him first. But if anyone had any doubts about that, they should be erased. Garoppolo cannot be allowed to leave.

It promises to be quarterback-rich draft class, but the Browns’ possession of the No. 1 pick gives some players a decision to make: Would spending another year in college be more attractive than possibly landing in Cleveland? UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen already has said he would rather be drafted lower and end up with the right team than be drafted higher by the wrong team. Rosen must decide whether to enter the draft or spend another season at UCLA playing for the Bruins’ new coach, Chip Kelly.

Award watch … Here’s how one set of picks for this season’s major awards would look:

MVP: Tom Brady, QB, Patriots … With Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz’s season cut short by his knee injury, it comes down to Brady or Rams running back Todd Gurley II. Gurley has been terrific. But no player in the league has been more indispensable than Brady, whose game shows no signs of deterioration in the year in which he turned 40.jaguars_044

The 3-point king is having by far the best season of his career inside the arc, ranking eighth in the league in 2-point field goal percentage.

The seven players ahead of him on average stand 6-foot-10 (LeBron James the shortest among them at 6-8).

Curry’s ability to finish among the trees isn’t simply significant within the context of this season either. Entering 2017-18, there have been 63 instances of a player making at least 60 percent of his 2s. Every one of them was done by a player standing at least 6-5, which gives the 6-3 Curry a shot at finishing with the best 2-point field goal percentage ever by a player of his stature (shoutout to 6-3 Brad Davis for making 59.5 percent in 1982-83 on 7.4 attempts per game).

“I was thinking about having (Puddicombe) try to focus on some sort of relaxing mechanism while you step up to the line, but we haven’t brought in anyone (experts) yet. … Meditation is very hard. We’re gonna keep doing it in hopes that some of the young guys can pick it up and get into it.”

Walton is hoping the next appointment with Puddicombe in February, after a grueling five-game road trip, will help the team somehow with its awful foul shooting.

“We tend to only struggle in our minds when we are either thinking back and going over and over on things we aren’t happy with or when we are thinking forward kind of either worried of how things will turn out or hoping they will turn out a certain way,” Puddicombe said of the outside pressures younger athletes can face and the short attention span that this multitasking generation can have impacting their performance.

Tagovailoa’s surging performance, from Alabama’s 13-0 deficit to its 26-23 overtime win, “validated that this really not a fluke, it’s not an anomaly.”

National quarterbacking stardom from Saint Louis School: routine!

The school sits up on Kalaepohaku, which Medeiros called “a large hill or a mountain, one of the two” — this week, surely a mountain — and which Mariota mentioned in his Heisman speech with, “To the men of Kalaepohaku, and the Saint Louis brotherhood, thank you for teaching me to be always mindful and faithful.”

It hatched in 1846, overseen by Marianist Catholics. Its first 10 years of teaching came in the native Hawaiian language. It has 880 students, K-through-12. It’s 53 percent native Hawaiian, Medeiros said, plus other Polynesian students. It’s on its third campus, built of adobe in 1926. It shares its mountain with Chaminade University. Its students graduate in white tuxedos. jaguars_019

The ugly ironies in the recent cases are overwhelming.

Al Davis, the late father of current Raiders owner Mark Davis, never needed a league rule to hire Tom Flores, Art Shell or Amy Trask. Also, Reggie McKenzie, the Raiders’ general manager, who got his job the old-fashioned way — paid his dues for years, then got a chance from his old organization — spoke out against token interviews “just to satisfy the rule.”

He said that in 2013, when the NFL managed to hire zero minority candidates for eight head-coaching and seven general manager openings that offseason. The lowlights: The Chiefs essentially pulled a Raiders in hiring ex-Eagles coach Andy Reid after just four days, while meeting the minimum Rooney Rule requirements; and the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl champion Ravens, Jim Caldwell, did not get a single interview.

Officials at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Mass., discovered Hernandez’s body with a bedsheet tied around his neck shortly after 3 a.m. on April 19, but it took more than a day for state officials to rule the death a suicide. This caused a brief controversy surrounding Hernandez’s remains, including his brain, which the family had requested be sent to Boston University’s CTE Center for further study.

President Trump has said his fight with NFL players is about respecting the flag and honoring veterans — not race. But the president and some conservative commentators have made wealth a part of the debate, inflaming racial resentment among Trump’s white working-class supporters who express no tolerance for black athletes raising concerns about institutional racism while making millions of dollars a year.

Amari Cooper, WR, Raiders: An ankle injury that Cooper aggravated in Week 14 likely will keep him out in Week 15. Cooper has been a big disappointment in fantasy this season, and if his owners have managed to get this far without him, they obviously have other options.

Zach Ertz, TE, Eagles: Ertz cleared concussion protocol and practiced Wednesday. He should return to TE1 status despite the loss of quarterback Carson Wentz. Philadelphia visits the New York Giants in Week 15, and Ertz will be looking to settle back into the offense while Nick Foles takes over behind center. Foles could look Ertz’s way quite a bit simply as a check-down option. Either way, Ertz owners should have him in the lineup.jaguars_004